Woj bomb, Boogie’s tweet all part of an interesting night for the Kings

The NBA draft is literally just  few days away and Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports dropped one of his patented ‘Woj bombs’ within the last hour. This one is definitely being heard around the league and amongst all NBA fans, one of the league’s best centers is reported to be available for trade. Also there have been a couple of reports stating that the Sacramento Kings may be in the beginning of a fire sale of some sorts. They have a roster with a few very talented players, but they make loads of money.  There lies the issue, new head coach George Karl wants to win now both for the franchise and personal reasons, below is the ‘Woj bomb’ from this early Tuesday morning.

 If what Woj sources have shared are true in the story above, it will certainly be an interesting couple of days. If Cousins and rudy Gay are on the ‘trading block’ there will be overtures from several teams around the league, especially if the reported asking price is literally veterans with low cap hits. Struggling teams and those that are considered contenders would be fools not to at least discuss possible scenarios with either of those two players. Specifically in this case, Boogie is the bigger of the two fish. Cousins has been perceived as an extremely talented player with an ‘attitude’ problem, but there haven’t been many great players in any sport that didn’t have that ‘edge’ or ‘tude’ as some have clearly identified in Cousins. Several folks that have covered the Kings in Cousins’ tenure there have all said that trust is the world for him, if there’s no trust, there’s going to be problems.

That tweet was sent out within the last 20 minutes of this piece being published, it’s not hard to see that trust is in fact important to the young center. Boogie is coming of an All-Star appearance, the 24-year-old big man averaged 24 points, 12.7 rebounds and 1.7 blocks a game last season.  It also seems as if there is a common denominator here, the coach involved. This isn’t the first time that he’s been down this road with star players, especially at a young age. Thanks to Chris Herring who covers the Knicks for the Wall Street Journal for taking time to search these past tweets from Carmelo Anthony and Andre Iguodala and share them.

 So while it’s easy to just add this Cousins situation to him having ‘an attitude’ narrative, take some time to look at the key people involved. This is a very very talented player that is still under 25, who has a deep desire to win and has been in the exact opposite culture that breeds winning.

There are teams at the top of the draft that would like that type of talent, but more importantly are the teams that fell short in their chase for a championship last year. If veterans are what it takes to make a deal work, there are several teams that could be ruled out and several that are off flying under the radar. Again, this story will continue to develop and we will keep you updated as it does.

Below are a couple teams that could quietly jump in the sweepstakes for Cousins, again teams that would be able to offer those plug and play vets that Karl and company allegedly desire.

  • Golden State Warriors. Could include Lee in a sign and trade possibly along with a still young and somewhat proven Harrison Barnes
  • Washington Wizards. That front court is loaded with talent, Gortat and/or Nene along with a draft pick couldn’t hurt, right?

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