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Ravens Depth Chart: Quarterbacks

With training camp on the horizon, we’ll be taking  a look at the Ravens depth chart. Going position from position and of course we have to start with the signal caller, there’s Flacco, but what else? Baltimore’s lost it’s number two guy at the position as Tyrod Taylor took a chance to win a starting job in Buffalo. Journeyman Matt Schaub was acquired to fill that role as the number two QB on the roster, is it definitely his job? Camp will tell us all, for now let’s look at the signal callers on the roster.

The Starter

This has been clear since he led the Ravens to a Super Bowl win a few years ago, Joe Flacco is the man under center and it won’t change for a while (barring injury). Last season was one of the best of his career. Passing for 3,986 yards with 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, not to mention a completion percentage of 62.1%. His 91.0 QB rating was second only to his 2010 season. Baltimore has lost a couple of it’s weapons in Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, but there is talent in their receiving corps and this could be his best year ever with the collection of talent at the skill positions.

The Others

Let’s start with the projected number two guy on the depth chart, Matt Schaub. Baltimore will certainly lose some of the mobility that Taylor provided at this spot, as Flacco is a mobile guy (if need be) as well. Schaub isn’t going to be moving around back there, much more of a pocket guy outside of designed roll outs. It’ll be interesting to see how he fits in the offense, his experience in this league should definitely give him a leg up in the competition to back up Flacco, but that’s why camp is camp. His last year as a starter was 2013 in Houston before he was benched. Schaub struggled mightily that season, moved on to the Raiders where Derek Carr started his journey and now is in Baltimore.

That last season in Houston was very bad, he was a turnover machine. Schaub had a stretch in which he threw more interceptions then touchdowns, finished the year with 10 TDs to his 14 INTs. His experience certainly helps him, but if he hasn’t overcome his propensity for turning the ball over, that experience means nothing as no coach wants their signal caller turning the ball over like a pez candy dispenser.

The guys that will be in competition with Schaub are Bryn Renner and Jerry Lovelocke. Renner is in his second season and Lovelocke signed with Baltimore last season as an undrafted free agent. If either of them can show they have a grasp of the offense and don’t turn the ball over, they could make things interesting for Schaub. Camp should be fun to see who rises to the top of this group, also we’ll find out if the Ravens plan to run with two or three QBs on the roster.


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