Rockets Trade for Ty Lawson, the Mudiay era begins

The Houston Rockets acquired Ty Lawson in a trade with the Denver Nuggets for non guaranteed contract of Kostas Papanikolaou, partly guaranteed contract of Pablo Prigioni, Joey Doresy, Nick Johnson and a future first round pick. Denver is also sending a 2017 second round pick to Houston. It’s clear that Lawson’s value has bottomed out as Denver didn’t get much but picks in return.

The trade essentially starts the Emmanuel Mudiay era in Denver. Since the Nuggets drafted Mudiay, Lawson has been on borrowed time in Denver.  Over the last few years Lawson has had a troubled stay in Denver, in 2013 him and his girlfriend were both arrested after a domestic violence dispute, the case was dismissed.

In 2014 Lawson missed a team breakfast and was held out of the starting lineup. In 2015 Lawson was arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving after a team charity event, later that same year Lawson failed to return from a trip to Vegas in time for the Nuggets first practice after the all star break, during the NBA Draft Lawson was seen on video telling friends he’s going to Sacramento, and Lawson was arrested again on suspicion of drinking and driving. Lawson is currently in rehab.

It’s clear the very talented Ty Lawson was in need of a fresh start and Houston will provide Lawson with that. With Lawson now on board the Rockets may finally have that 3rd star player they have missed out on recently. The Rockets also were able to keep some flexibility in the trade not giving up any of the major core players especially Patrick Beverly, who might now just be the best back up point guard in the league.

The Nuggets are likely going to rebuild around Emmanuel Mudiay and talented center Jusuf Nurkić. It’ll be interesting to see who else on their roster gets moved and who gets to be part of the Mudiay era. Denver is literally ushering out the old and starting a new with this trade, the Lawson era began when Carmelo Anthony was shipped off. This time he’s the one who got shipped out, how will Mudiay do as the key building block of their franchise?

As for Houston, while Lawson’s game may still carry weight, is the “fit” right? Who’s going to start at point guard, him or Pat Beverly? Can Lawson be on the floor with Harden, if so, which one of them will have to learn how to play off the ball? So many questions come to mind when thinking about how this trade plays out for Houston. The same for Denver although on a lesser note, it’s a total rebuild, but the similar questions are raised. If you got rid of Lawson, will a contender be built around his successor? Only time will tell, it behooves every NBA fan to keep tabs on both these teams leading up to the season and beyond. Will any more moves be made by either team? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!


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