Kuechly now the highest paid inside backer in NFL history

Thursday was a big day for defensive players in the NFL, several received big time extensions. Carolina middle linebacker Luke Kuechly and the Carolina Panthers agreed to a 5-year, $62 million contract extension. The signing makes Kuechly the highest paid inside linebacker in NFL history. In August, Seattle had come to a contract extension with Bobby Wagner, he held that title for a little more than a month. Even then, everyone knew Luke’s turn was coming up

Carolina drafted Kuechly with the 9th overall selection in the 2012 NFL draft and so far, it’s working out extremely well. Since being drafted out of Boston College, Kuechly has been a two-time Pro-Bowler and a two time First Team All Pro selection. He won the Defensive Rookie of the Year and followed it up with a Defensive Player of the Year award. In his rookie campaign, he made 164 tackles.

This is a really good move for both of the involved parties. For the Panthers, it gives them a cornerstone defensive player to build around to go with the cornerstone quarterback in Cam Newton they also have signed long term. Being able to have two players with the skill sets each respectively have is going to make Carolina a tough team. For Kuechly, he gets a boatload of money and gets to play the game he loves. Another good part about the signing is the fact that Kuechly is only 24-years old and can only get better.

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