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Wizards Media Day Roundup

The Washington Wizards hosted media day on Monday afternoon and one thing was apparent: their newfound commitment to playing with “pace and space.” This time last year, the Wizards employed a “1990s esque” offensive approach, starting Nene and Gortat, both of whom play in the low post and are “brawlers” rather than finesse big men. This year, Washington will try and use more of the “stretch 4” and take less midrange twos and more three pointers.

Even John Wall, who is known for more being more of a facilitator, tried to improve his long range shot during the offseason.

Wall shot 2.7 three pointers per game and averaged 30% from beyond the arc last season.

If Wall can make defenses respect his outside shooting, it just gives him another weapon in his ever growing arsenal and would make him a tough matchup for an opposing point guard.

The small forward position is a bit of a question mark behind Otto Porter after Paul Pierce’s departure, Jared Dudley’s back injury and Alan Anderson’s ankle injury.

Martell Webster, who has struggled to stay healthy and when healthy hasn’t cracked the starting lineup, has been preparing to pick up the slack.

Webster, in his first season with the Wizards (2012-2013) was a dependable outside threat, shooting 42% from beyond the arc and averaging 11 points per game.

Last season, Webster averaged only 11 minutes per game and shot 23% from the three point line.

And it wouldn’t be a Wizards post if I didn’t bring up the 2016 offseason.

It’s no secret that Washington will make a hard push for Kevin Durant next offseason and is trying to stay finacially flexible in the meantime.

One of the casualties in the meantime is Bradley Beal, who is trying to negotiate a long term deal with the team but hasn’t agreed on a deal yet with less than a month to go before the regular season.

Beal, especially in Game 4 against the Atlanta Hawks without John Wall, flashed his potential.

In 44 minutes, Beal scored 34 points, dished out seven assists and grabbed six rebounds.

It was that game that made me a believer in Bradley Beal as a legimitate NBA All-Star level talent, I think the Wizards recognize this and will pay him but not until they cover their bases with Durant.

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