A Fantasy Perspective: Week 4’s Surprise Performances

The quarter mark of the season has officially arrived. Therefore, the time for a make or break performance could salvage your fantasy football season. In this week’s My Mind on Sports fantasy preview we take a look back at Week 4’s biggest surprise performances.

We begin in Indianapolis where the most dominant wide receiver on the field Sunday was not named T.Y. Hilton. That award goes to Allen Hurns. The second year wide receiver is quietly making a name for himself and fantasy owners should take notice. Despite his more heralded teammate Allen Robinson, according to ESPN Fantasy Live Hurns is the Jaguars leader in receptions with a 73.3% accumulation. Against the Colts, Hurns hauled in 11 receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown. This breakout performance has officially cemented Hurns as one of the perennial weapons in the Jaguars arsenal. It’s no longer time to be astounded by Hurns and pick him up immediately off the waiver wire, if he’ still available.

Continuing with the wide receiver trend, we look to another up and comer on the Atlanta Falcons. At this point in the season, it is apparent that Roddy White has been phased out as the Falcon’s second wide receiver. Leonard Hankerson has overtaken that role. Coming into the season, many believed he would be a mere compliment to the once dynamic duo of Jones and White. Sunday’s matchup against the Texans, has notion has officially been dismissed. According to ESPN Fantasy Live, Hankerson hauled in 6 receptions for 103 yards and one touchdown. His performance surprised many as he out scored his prolific counterpart, Julio Jones, who has been igniting the fantasy realm thus far. The time to be surprised is up and owners should be looking to add this wide receiver to their depth chart immediately.

Stop if you have heard this before, what is going on with Denver’s running back corps? Coming into the season, C.J. Anderson appeared as the clear-cut starter. Four weeks later, owners are dropping C.J. Anderson like a fly. As a first round pick in many leagues, to say C.J. Anderson has been a fantasy bust is an understatement. It appears there is a new starting running back in Denver and he goes by the name of Ronnie Hillman. This is in large part due to his surprise performance against the Vikings. Hillman burst onto the scene with a 72-yard run he took the promise land. He finished with 103 yards on 11 carries, according to ESPN Fantasy Live. The running back corps in Denver has been a tumultuous situation thus far in fantasy. But, there appears to be a glimmer of hope as Ronnie Hillman has reestablished himself and appears to be running away with the starting job.

Sunday also marked a trend of running back revitalization. Coming into the season, Jeremy Hill was considered the entrenched starter in Cincinnati. Four weeks later, fumbles and miscues have derailed his fantasy value. With his starting job in question, many fantasy owners began pushing the panic button and offering up Hill as trade bait. Therefore, his performance on Sunday came as a welcomed surprised, as Hill appeared to be reinvigorated with his coveted play making ability once again. They say patience is a virtue and owners were rewarded for their patience as Hill turned in a three-touchdown performance. According to ESPN Fantasy Live, Hill finished with 40 yards on 9 carries and found the end zone three times. Sunday’s performance was the reason Hill was a first round pick in numerous leagues. Jeremy Hill owners are hoping he continues his trend of success and seizes to surprise them.


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