CC Sabathia is Taking a Step in the Right Direction

New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia announced that he will not be available for the postseason as he is entering an alcohol rehabilitation center. This may come as a shock to some as the Yankees are set to host the Astros in the Wild Card game on Tuesday night. Sabathia probably wasn’t going to be the guy to toe the rubber in that game, but should the Yankees advance, he was likely going to pitch in the ALDS. Sabathia who was 6-10 with a 4.73 ERA in 29 starts, is known for his competitive nature throughout his career.

No matter the level, baseball is just a game at the end of the day. In this instance, Sabathia’s wellbeing takes precedent over playing. He said he owes it to himself and his family to get the help he needs in order to battle the disease of alcoholism. This is highly commendable on the part of Sabathia who recognizes that he has a problem, needs help and is seeking it. In his statement, he said he wants to be a better man, father and player.

Sabathia also said in his statement that “Being an adult means being accountable. Being a baseball player means that others look up to you. I want my kids – and others who may have become fans of mine over the years – to know that I’m not too big of a man to ask for help.”

That is a great message to send not only to children, but anybody who may be going through a similar personal issue as Sabathia is going through. Here is a professional baseball player, who has millions of dollars and a World Series ring, and could possibly add another, who is admitting he needs help. That’s not something most athletes are comfortable to admit. Sabathia was able to put the game he loves and brings him happiness aside in order to battle this deadly disease. Sabathia’s father was a drug addict, so Sabathia knows who it can lead to. The Yankees are fully supportive and behind Sabathia and his decision, which he said helped him make this difficult decision. He said he is looking forward to taking the field with his team next season.

CC Sabathia made a very admirable decision in seeking help. Hopefully his courageous decision will help others, professional athlete or not, get the help they may need.

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