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Cliff goes for 42, but J-Dub leads Rob’s Mob past Core in OT

The first overtime game of the Winter campaign was a barn burner, two players combined to score 82 points. The best part was they weren’t on the same team, leaving way for an epic finale. They dynasty that was Jamar & Rob’s Mob is no longer so, the four-time summer champs failed to come out on top this past summer as they fell to Sam’s Ballers. No longer the hunted, they are looking to take back what they see as theirs. Team Core came off a rough outing on Monday night, but they didn’t have there full complement of players. That wasn’t the case as they took on Rob’s Mob, Cliff led Core with 42 points albeit they still came up short. Some of the same issues that derailed Core on Monday reared their ugly head as they fell apart late in their loss to Rob’s Mob. One of Rob’s Mob newest additions came up big for them, J-dub scored 40 points on the night and remained a constant on both ends of the floor for a veteran team that needed a boost. Rob’s Mob went on to win 92-82, but the game was much closer than the final score

With seven minutes left in regulation, the game was tied at 62. Demarr Johnson (18 points) broke the tie with a three to give Rob’s Mob the lead, but Cliff responded with a triple of his own. The teams would continue to trade baskets, Chris Howard (8 points) continued his work in the low post from Monday night by beating his defender to the rim with a nifty spin move and finishing with the lay in. Core would held a 74-73 lead with 1:28 seconds left in the game. Cliff would steal the pass on a side out, sprinting down the court and throwing down a monstrous two hand dunk in transition. That pushed Core’s lead to three points, Howard had a chance to extend the lead to five after a good defensive possession by Core. He wound up missing the uncontested layup, Rob’s Mob would get the rebound and J-Dub picked up where he left off in the first half. He knocked down a shot from deep to tie the score. In the first half, Core jumped out to a double-digit lead and he came up big by going on a personal scoring tear to not only keep Rob’s Mob in the game, but put them ahead.

Back to the end of regulation though. The score is tied, Cliff was racing down court and was surrounded by three defenders. There was a collision and the officials decided it was a jump ball, meaning that one of the if not all of the defenders got a hand on the ball to tie up the possession. That meant the ball would be given to Rob’s Mob, J-dub would get the ball on the left wing and take a contested three pointer. He missed. But there was contact on the way down and the whistle was blown, with two seconds left. He calmly went to the line and knocked down all three of the shots.

Things didn’t look too good for Core, two seconds left and down by three. Fortunately they had a timeout left, they used it which allowed them to advance the ball to half court. That’s when Cliff may have hit the biggest shot of the night. A three pointer from a couple of steps past half court. It appeared as if there was contact on the shot, but no call was made. Thus, the game was headed to overtime.

Glenn Andrews (22 points) started the extra period aggressive, known as a long range bomber, the “shooter” used the dribble to get in the lane and draw the foul. He went to the line, but split the pair. Giving his team a one point lead, his miss led to a coast-to-coast lay in by J-Dub which gave the lead back to Rob’s Mob. Glenn took a three on the ensuing possession, but missed. Cliff was ” Johnny-on-the-spot” as he skied for the soft two handed put-back. Then J-Dub went back to work, he scored than found Mo Creek (31 points) in the corner for a wide open three pointer. To no surprise, Creek knocked it down.

With 33 seconds left in the game, a call didn’t go the way Core may have desired and a technical foul was given to Vernon. That meant Robs Mob got to send a player to the line to shoot two shots and they received possession afterwards. A three point deficit grew to six after it was all said and done. J-Dub continued to score in garbage time, pushing the margin of victory to 10 points.

Core has now lost it’s first two games, they have a very talented team though. If they can just get out of their own way, much of it comes to do with emotions. They are easily affected by the officials calls or lack there of rather than the task at hand, that lapse in concentration has cost them their first two games of the season.

As for Rob’s Mob, it was a hard fought win. All there players weren’t available, but it will certainly be interesting to see how this team evolves once Twyman and J-Dub are on the court at the same time. Rob’s Mob is a veteran bunch who has had splashes of youth, but this is a bit out of the ordinary for them as now there are three players who can push the pace and two of the are on the wing in Creek and J-Dub. Not a bad start at all, as the win their first game of the season.





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