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Week 7: NFL’s Best Matchups

Here we are coming into yet another week where most of the games being played appear to be one-sided. That is, when going by the team’s records. Don’t let these records fool you, there are a few teams out there with losing records that have been showing potential recently. Last week we witnessed a few upsets in the league, hopefully this week brings the same outcomes.


Tampa Bay @ Washington

Here you have two teams that are looking to salvage their season before it is too late. Both teams have had their moments where they’ve looked great, typically where they are on defense. But the Achilles heel for them is in the offenses. The Redskins are struggling to get Kirk Cousins consistent, he has thrown eight interceptions and six touchdown passes in all six games that they have played. The Bucs are picking up their tempo with their victory over Jacksonville, where Jameis Winston gathered a quarterback rating of 122.5.  This game will come down to the individual offenses, and whether or not the quarterbacks can take control and handle the pressure.


Dallas vs. New York

The atmosphere for this game will be electric, not only because it is a rivalry game, but the Giants are looking for revenge after dropping one to the Cowboys in the opening game. A lot has changed since then, two key offensive players are out of the lineup for the Cowboys. The Cowboys are hoping to bounce back after a bye week, and the acquiring Matt Cassel, who will be starting. One thing that the Cowboys can be happy with is the fact that since 2013 Sean Garret has won seven straight road games against NFC East opponents. The Giants are looking to bounce back after losing to Philadelphia last week. The G-men have shown their resilience, with a plus-6 turnover margin and a dominant receiving corps. Both teams are capable of pulling off a win, but what makes this game interesting is the history between them.


New York @ New England

Could this be a reasonable test for the undefeated New England Patriots? Well let’s look at the match up… In this rivalry the Patriots have dominated the Jets, winning seven of the last eight games, and if you have kept up with this series these games have been quite close. In the last four games the Patriots have pulled out a win with three points or fewer. This year’s Jets team is looking more complete even with their starting quarterback on the bench. The Jets defense is averaging 269.2 yards per game, and on offense they have found an emerging start in Chris Ivory. The Patriots top ranked offense will be facing their toughest opponent, but this shouldn’t worry fans seeing that Tom Brady is 21-7 versus the Jets. Expect this game to be very close, not only because of the rivalry, but the winner claims the top spot in the AFC East.

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