Fantasy Perspective: Week 7’s Surprise Performances

In this week’s My Mind on Sports Fantasy Column, we’ll be taking a look at Week 7’s surprise performances. Keep in mind, all the players on my list this week all share a common thread, players who you should be trading for. Some may still be free agents in your leagues; if that is the case it is imperative to put in a claim for them as soon as possible. We begin in Sunny South Florida, where a torrential down pour, opened the flood gates to a sleeping giant.

Lamar Miller (Miami Dolphins, RB): Welcome back, Lamar Miller! Going into the season, Miller was a highly coveted draft pick and considered a top 15 player at the running back position. After a disappointing start to the season, owners began to trade or possibly even drop Miller onto the waiver wire. Following a change in the coaching regime, Miller has managed to revitalize his fantasy value. Miller has not only returned to fantasy relevancy, but he did so with a bang! Against the Texans, Miller exploded by carrying the ball 14 times for 175 yards and a touchdown, but he didn’t stop there. He also added 3 receptions for 61 yards and another touchdown. New interim head coach, Dan Campbell, preached tough, physical, hard-nosed football from the moment he took over the position. What better way to establish that type of mentality than to hand the ball off to your running back? Under Dan Campbell, look for the Dolphins to continue to feed Miller on a weekly basis. Fantasy owners are loving Campbell right now and I don’t expect that love to fade away anytime soon. Over the past two games, the Dolphins have returned to running form and have reestablished Miller’s presence within their game plan. To reiterate, if Miller has somehow managed to find his way onto your waiver wire, do yourself a favor scoop him up immediately. He is also a player I would recommend trading going forward, if the price is right.

Jarvis Landry (Miami Dolphins, WR): Continuing down in Sunny South Florida, Miller isn’t the only player wreaking the benefits from the new coaching regime. Landry also exploded back onto the scene in Sunday’s matchup against the Dolphins. Under Dan Campbell the blueprint seems simple enough, give the ball to your best players. A concept that may be overlooked at times or seem mundane, given the complex nature of the NFL, but it’s a concept continues to prove dividends. Landry finished the day with five receptions 83 yards and two touchdowns. Over the past couple of weeks, Landry has been quiet; a reflection of the team’s overall struggles, but he performance on Sunday reminded everyone why they spend a high draft pick on him. He is an extremely versatile player with explosive playmaking ability. As the season half of the fantasy season is upon us, Landry is an ideal candidate to trade for. Moving forward, he should retain his WR2, high end WR3 status once again. He is also another worthy trade candidate to keep on your radar, again if the price is right.

TJ Yeldon (Jacksonville Jaguars, RB): Moving on to across the pond, where London played host to another NFL matchup. In reality, the Jaguars are not considered to be on of the NFL’s perennial franchises in terms of success, although in fantasy, they have a slew of playmakers. On paper, the matchup between TJ Yeldon and the Bills stout defense appeared lopsided. Yet, when game time arrived, Yeldon proved that stats could often times be misleading. Yeldon finished with a solid outing carrying the ball twenty times for 115 yards and a touchdown. This performance against a solid defense has certainly garnered the attention of fantasy owners across all leagues. This is Yeldon’s second time topping over 100 rushing yards this season and the trend should continue. Yeldon has looked promising halfway into rookie year. Yeldon displays all the intangibles one looks for in a 3 down back. The Jaguars offense has been on a welcomed surprise thus far this season along with Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, and Allens Hurns all establishing themselves within the fantasy realm. Yeldon make’s my list of candidates to trade for heading into the second half of the fantasy season. He could prove to be a vital asset in making your playoff push.

Amari Cooper (Oakland Raiders, WR): After being drafted Fourth overall in this years draft, the expectations were high for the rookie. Paired with a second year Qb, Derek Carr, the duo is slowly developing into one of the better tandems in the league. Against the Chargers, Cooper hauled in five receptions for 133 yards and a touchdown. Cooper has been impressive thus far in his rookie campaign, accumulating 33 receptions, 519 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Cooper displays all the necessary attributes of a great player, top speed, athleticism, soft hands, size, and height. While the physical attributes will are vital, the intangibles will be the X factor. Cooper displays imperative work ethic, humility, dedication, determination, and passion for the game of football. During post an interview with NFL network, he was asked about his success and felt that he hasn’t accomplished anything and that he has a long way to go before he can really make that kind of judgment. Cooper will continue to a viable fantasy option moving forward and should remain a valuable WR 2 option the rest of the season. He is a player to trade for sooner rather than later, before his value becomes too expensive.


Source: ESPN Fantasy Football Now

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