Galleries: Mystics top Stars at home

PHOTO CREDIT: Shaughn Cooper/MyMindOnSports
Galleries: Mystics top Stars at home

The Washington Mystics finished their 5-game homestand with a victory, below are some shots from staff photographer Shauhgn Cooper.


DSC 3825 (2) DSC 3989   DSC 3969   DSC 3967   DSC 3965   DSC 3958   DSC 3957   DSC 3955   DSC 3944   DSC 3934   DSC 3932   DSC 3927   DSC 3926   DSC 3914   DSC 3902   DSC 3900   DSC 3892   DSC 3888 (1)   DSC 3874   DSC 3866   DSC 3826   DSC 3822 DSC 3800 DSC 3789 DSC 3786 DSC 3774 DSC 3771 DSC 3767 DSC 3753 DSC 3748

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