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Galleries: 2016 P.I.T.S Championship Game

PHOTO CREDIT: Che Giles/MyMindOnSports/CheGilesPhotography
Galleries: 2016 P.I.T.S Championship Game

Che Giles took in the 2016 P.I.T.S League Summer Championship game, below is a gallery of his shots from the epic contest. For more of his work, visit his site.

IMG 7898  IMG 7894  IMG 7893  IMG 7890  IMG 7889  IMG 7886  IMG 7874  IMG 7866  IMG 7860  IMG 7855  IMG 7852  IMG 7846  IMG 7841  IMG 7840  IMG 7812  IMG 7810  IMG 7774  IMG 7759  IMG 7751  IMG 7744  IMG 7743 IMG 7742 IMG 7741

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P.I.T.S League

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