Dallas Mavericks Season Preview

You can say that the Dallas Mavericks had a Win-lose-lose-lose situation type of offseason.

Getting Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are good picks up for any team. However, when you expect Barnes to be your number one option and pay him as such ( 4 years, 95 million), that’s a whole different conversation. Harrison struggled mightily last year for the Warriors when he was needed the most (in the NBA FINALS). Throw in the fact that he was not the number one, two, three, or even fourth option and still had trouble producing should be a red flag for a team trying to make him “the man.” On the bright side, Barnes is a player that should fit well alongside a healthy Wesley Matthews.

When a player like Kevin Durant says he is testing free agency, every organization’s mouth begins to water in anticipation. KD is a “once in a generation” type of player and can instantly turn a team from ok (which Dallas is) to championship caliber team. Durant said he was only meeting with a few teams AND DALLAS WAS NOT ON THAT LIST. So the Mavericks continued their unfortunate habit of striking out on the “big dog” in Free Agency.

Do you remember just last offseason when DeAndre Jordan agreed to come to the Mavericks, just to change his mind at the last minute and stay with the Clippers? Yeah, that happened again this year to a degree, but this time it was Hassan Whiteside using them for leverage. Dallas went to sleep thinking that they had locked Whiteside in a max deal (he told them he was coming), just to wake up the next morning to see he resigned a max deal with the Heat.

So after losing Whiteside, their next targets where Al Horford and DeMar DeRozan. Just like DeAndre Jordan getting fouled, they missed both free throws there too, their third straight loss in free agency.

Bogut was a great pick-up. Dirk Nowitzki is 38 years old and his days of rim protecting are over. In fact, scratch that. Nowitzki has NEVER been a rim protector! In fact, scratch that. Nowitzki has NEVER been a good defender period, but that does not take away from his greatness. He is possibly the greatest international player that has ever played in the NBA and one of the greatest power forwards ever! That being said, Dallas needed a strong, rim protecting big  next to Dirk and Bogut will fit in quite well.

Other key additions this offseason were Seth Curry, who looked great in the preseason and Quincy Acy, who could be a solid back up to Nowitzki.

Behind the great coach Rick Carlisle, the Mavs continue to exceed exceptions year after year. The years they are suppose to win only 30 games, they make the playoffs. The years they are supposed to make their decline, they make it to the second round. So behind Nowitzki and now Barnes, they are projected to struggle greatly this season. Although with Carlisle at the controls, there’s no telling what will happen.

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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