Weekend chaos shakes up the Playoff Rankings

It was a chaos filled weekend in college football; nothing like in in 31 years.  Not since 1985 where you had the teams ranked two through four drop from the unbeatesn in one afternoon/evening.  Clemson, Michigan and Washington all fell Saturday.  We knew there would be a shake up, but didn’t know how or who.  We had our assumptions and theories, but this is how the committee looked at it for Week 12 (Third week of the rankings)…

This week’s Top 4:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Bama will be in the playoff at the top with the dismantling of Mississippi State on Saturday. Some felt that Auburn in the “Iron Bowl” would give the Tide a contest, but after their loss to Georgia; it’s pretty evident that Alabama is in a class all by themselves right now.
  1. Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are back on the rise, having only suffered one loss. After their loss to the Nittany Lions, the Buckeyes look to be on a tear rolling over each opponent they face.  J.T. Barrett looks like the Heisman candidate we thought he would be and Head Coach Urban Meyer has the offense back on track.  Playoff Committee rewarded them for precisely that.
  1. Michigan Wolverines. Lots could be said about how the committee is evaluating teams this season, what can’t be said is that there is not a bit of bias towards the Big Ten.  The Wolverines are still at No. 3 solely on their dominance throughout the season.  A hiccup on the road in Iowa this weekend proved that the committee says that they are not looking ahead, but you can’t argue that they aren’t using their sense of telepathy right now for November 26th , the big show down for Michigan and Ohio State.
  1. Clemson Tigers.  Despite the current stumble by the Tigers this weekend against Pitt and struggles throughout the season, Clemson has substantial wins over ranked opponents on their resume. That was good enough for the committee to overlook their play, instead focusing on their output which are the big wins and a loss. In comparison to Louisville who they have at No. 5 where the head to head was the deciding factor.

We wondered what the committee would do when they were put to the challenge, figure out how they would place teams in and leave others out.  Well with  the chaos of the past weekend, that wish could come to fruition.


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