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Brown looks to make an impact in Manusky’s aggressive defense

A lot of Redskins fans had clamored for a fast and physical inside linebacker during the free agency period back in March, as it was desperately needed. Pro bowl linebacker out of Buffalo, Zach Brown, was on the market for some time before the Redskins get a chance to bring him in for a visit. When Brown visited, he also signed with the Redskins on a 1-year deal, immediately upgrading the inside linebacker position.

The Redskins lacked speed overall as a defense, and that was one of the many major flaws in their defense in 2016 and years prior. However, this off-season, the Redskins addressed speed area in both the secondary and front seven. 

Last week during the Redskins OTA sessions, CSN’s “Redskins Nation” recorded Brown speaking with the media on why he felt the Redskins was the place to be.
“You know they was young, and next thing you know they started bringing in all this talent, and I said I need to be a part of this defense. They got a good quarterback, they got receivers now (like big receivers), I know the run game going to be better, so I said I’m going to come join this defense and hopefully we can make something special happen.”

On what it was about Greg Manusky and what he sold Brown on to join Washington
“You know he’s more like Rex and Rob (Ryan) a little bit, he’s aggressive. I like aggressive defenses, because you don’t want to sit back there and let them (the offense and quarterback) check it down, check it down, check it down, no go get the quarterback make him feel everything. So, for me, that was what really got me here, “we going to have you going and blitzing we not just stay and coverage all the time”.

On what Brown has done to try and stay on the field health wise, and what has the game been like to him the past two seasons
“I just hit the weight room a lot harder, the strength coaches help me out, I shed like 10 pounds this season coming in. So I just have to make sure I stay around that weight, eat right, but really it’s my conditioning. Just try to overwork my muscles and get them better, because I feel like when the fourth quarter come that’s when a lot of people getting hurt.”

Even though Jay Gruden and staff acknowledges competition will be everywhere and Zach Brown will have to earn his role, he will have a big role in changing the narrative surrounding this Redskins defense. Greg Manusky has a plan for him, if Brown’s able to stay healthy, the Redskins may have found a present and future solution at inside linebacker.

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