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Wizards fans react to the 2017 NBA Draft

In Washington, the NBA Draft is rarely an occasion for celebration.

Whether it’s choosing Kwame Brown in 2001, or trading picks away–like they did, again, on Wednesday night–Wizards fans have rarely been giddy about the two-round auction of college basketball’s (and Europe’s) top talents.

This year’s draft provided DMV hoops fans a rare opportunity to still have a rooting interest in the draft even though the home team wouldn’t be taking part it in.  Prince George’s county native Markelle Fultz was selected No. 1 overall by the Philadelphia Sixers, marking the 10 year anniversary of another PG county guy (Mr. 2017 Finals MVP, Kevin Durant) who was selected No. 2 overall in the 2007 draft.

I chatted with a couple of the Wizards faithful to break down this year’s draft, including their thoughts on the direction of the team and what to make of Fultz representing for the DMV.

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