Wizards officially introduce Tim Frazier

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Wizards officially introduce Tim Frazier

The Washington Wizards introduced point guard Tim Frazier on Wednesday, a week after trading for the third-year veteran on June 21.

Wizards coach Scott Brooks had high praise for Frazier when he addressed reporters after the move, using words like “gritty” and “winner” to describe the former D-League standout.

On Wednesday, Frazier’s comments mirrored his new coach’s praise when he answered questions about where his toughness comes from.

“I think I call it the little-man’s-syndrome, said Frazier”  “I’m not the biggest guard, and I’ve had to work for a lot in my life. I want to do all the dirty stuff. I want to just help the team win and if that’s what you call scrappy…then I’m going to be that.”

If you’re looking for someone to come in and light it up off the Wizards bench this year, a la Jamal Crawford or Eric Gordon, Frazier isn’t your guy.  Figuratively, this signing is less Tesla and more Toyota Camry.

Brooks and company are in need of reliability and consistency when All-Star point guard John Wall needs a breather, something that was severely lacking from the backup guard spot in the 2016-17 season.

But let Frazier tell it, he isn’t content with just being a ‘Camry.’ Check out this exchange between him and a reporter on Wednesday.

Reporter: “What’s, maybe, one part of your game that you’re focusing on a lot this summer?”

Frazier: “You only want one?”

[Reporter pool laughs]

Frazier: “I got a bunch, but obviously the biggest thing is to be able to knock down an open jumper consistently.”

Frazier finished the season with 31 percent of his shot attempts coming from beyond the arc and only shot 31 percent from deep, grouping him with the likes of mediocre distance-shooting guards like Dwayne Wade, Ricky Rubio and the Wizards very own Brandon Jennings.

He also admitted that he needs to work on his speed and quickness, especially now that he’ll be matched up with Wall–one of the fastest guards the league’s ever seen–in practice.

Improving on weaknesses is exactly how Frazier has ascended so quickly and garnered respect around the league.  He’s also proven to take on a winner’s mentality, which Brooks noted last week. Frazier messed around and got a triple-double coming off the bench last season against the Phoenix Suns, an accomplishment very few can boast in NBA history.

When asked about that performance, he made sure to emphasize the biggest component of the game.

“Most importantly, we got the win,” said Frazier.

More wins in D.C., especially in the postseason, is the goal for a Wizards franchise that hasn’t made it to an Eastern Conference Finals in nearly 40 years.

Teammates and fans alike hope that Frazier’s addition will get them, as he says, “over the hump.”



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