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Mitchell Twins commit to Maryland

Good things come in pairs, or so the saying goes.

Well, on Friday, a pair of twins–Makhi and Makhel Mitchell–announced their intention to be a part of the Maryland basketball program. The twins’ commitment comes rather early, as both are just rising juniors in the 2019 recruiting class. Usually, we see elite prospects wait until late in their academic junior or senior year to make a decision, but with College Park just a 30 minute drive from their hometown, it’s easy to see why the Mitchell Twins chose the Terps.

Coach Mark Turgeon now has his future frontcourt in tow, enabling him to turn up his focus on coveted wing prospects Scottie Lewis, Bryan Antoine, and Cassius Stanley.

Makhi is the more touted of the pair, as he boasts a 5-star rating from ESPN recruiting service and ranks higher on (#45) and’s (#60) recruit rankings list. Armed with a compact frame and standing at 6′ 9″, Makhi Mitchell is a very solid shot blocker. During his sophomore year, he swatted 3.3 shots per game, and displayed good timing and discipline to stay out of foul trouble. This discipline coupled with his 7-foot wingspan allows him to meet offensive players at the apex despite not being a explosive jumper himself. But don’t be fooled, Makhi is not a bouldering big man; he has a good skillset, footwork,  and even a little bit of a jump shot. He’s also a ferocious rebounder and puts forth a strong effort, which is very important for the present and future.

As expected, Makhel looks like Makhi, and well, plays like him, too. He is every bit the shotblocker and rebounder as his twin, posting 3.2 and 8.9 averages, in those categories, respectively. His skill level is adequate, and will only get better with time. And although Makhel isn’t as highly regarded in the scouting community as his twin brother, he too will be an effective player for Mark Turgeon upon enrollment. Makhel probably hasn’t needed to lift a weight in his life, but once he gets into a college weight room, he will be even more chiseled and physically imposing than he already is. That is a scary thought for Big-10 opponents.

Check out the twins as a tandem:

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