Atlanta Hawks 2017-18 Season Preview

Atlanta Hawks 2017-18 Season Preview

Here is how I imagine Atlanta’s offseason went in one conversation:

Atlanta’s front office: ” Ok, so Paul (Millsap) wants to leave. We already traded Teague and we need to get Dwight’s contract off the books. I think it’s time to push the rebuild button!”

Atlanta’s PR team: ” OK cool! But let’s not tell the public it’s a rebuild. We will call it a….umm…. “retooling.” We can draft John Collins and Trade Dwight for….anything! We still have Schroder and we can ask Kent to score more. It’s a win-win.”

Atlanta’s front office: “YOU’RE A GENIUS!!!!”

We can make this quick.

To say Atlanta had a tough offseason would be an understatement. From losing their best player in Millsap, to trading Howard for a bag of Skittles and a Coke, Atlanta took some hits.

To make matters worse, they did not address their biggest weakness from last season, three point shooting. Atlanta was one of the worst three point shooting teams in the NBA and that should not chance this season. Yes, they did get Marco Belinelli in the Howard trade, but if he’s your best three point shooter, your team is in trouble (shooting 36 percent from three last season.)

Collins was a good pick up in the draft however. His athleticism is a unmatched on the team and he is a highflying, energy boost. But Collins is not the best offensive weapon, which Atlanta does not have a lot of.

Dennis Schroder took a leap last year, which propelled him to the starting lineup. He and second year forward Taurean Prince will need to be next to Godly if Atlanta has any hope in making the playoffs, even in the East, that got weaker this year! Kent Bazemore has always been a ball of energy when he is on the court, on both ends of the court. However, Atlanta will expect him to be something he has never been in his career, a high volume scorer.

There are a lot of bad teams in the NBA right now, and if you look at the Hawks on paper, they might be amongst the worst.

Regular Season Prediction: 25-57

PHOTO CREDIT:Daniel Shirey/Getty Images North America

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