Dallas Mavericks 2017-18 Season Preview

Will Dirk Nowitzki ever retire?

The sure first ballot Hall of Famer has been a staple of the NBA for nearly two decades now. His signature “fade away” shot has been adopted by many great players such as Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Dirk will go down as the greatest international player in NBA history. He’s never been the most athletic, fastest, or high flying player in the world, but his ability to change his game to the times  has been nothing short of amazing.

But with that being said, If Dirk is your best player going into the season, in year 20, your team is not good. Not saying Dirk still can’t give you quality minutes and production, but he is far from his MVP prime. Harrison Barnes came over from Golden State a season ago and has not done much to justify his max contract. Barnes will need to make huge leaps if he wants to lead Dallas into the playoffs (which doesn’t seem realistic.) Players like Seth curry and Wesley Matthews are proven acceptable role players, but it’s also clear they aren’t leading a team anytime soon.

Rookie Dennis Smith Jr. is something special. Coming out of North Carolina State, he is instant offense with a deadly jumper accompanied with out-of-this-world bounce. Smith has the potential to be a star in the NBA down the road and look for him to be in the Rookie of the Year discussion all year.

The Nerlens Noel contract saga ruled the offseason Dallas. And depending on how good he plays, Smith might rule the regular season.

Regular Season Prediction: 32-50

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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