Detroit Pistons 2017-18 Season Preview

It might be time to give up on Andre Drummond.

Detroit is a team with no on court identity. They aren’t great shooters. They play hard, but are still one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA. Drummond, or anyone on that matter, are great low post scorers. And shockingly, Drummond has taken several steps back when it comes to rim protection.

Off-court however, the Pistons have one of the most questionable front offices in the entire league. Lets just look at this years offseason moves.

After giving up Marcus Morris, one of their better players a season ago, you get Avery Bradley in return. The problem with that is they paid him nearly nine million dollars to possibly be a rental, seeing as he has no incentive to stay beyond one year. And if Bradley walks, Detroit would have no cap space to sign anyone else because Bradley would most certainly ask for more money (that Detroit doesn’t have after paying Drummond his massive contract.)


Drummond is making nearly 50 percent of the teams total salary, and continues to get worse year after year. He still can’t hit a free throw and it seems he can’t even hit hook shoots either. If Detroit wants to move Drummond, they are going to have to do it now, before his stock plummets even more.

Reggie Jackson still has trouble passing the ball to ANYONE on his team. And what makes it worse is he is he isn’t connecting on his shots at a rate that warrants his unwillingness to pass.

Detroit is going to need big season from players like Stanley Johnson and rookie Luke Kennard if they want any shot at making the playoffs. Tobias Harris is always reliable, but his skill set does not allow him to be that go-to scorer.

But this season will go as far as Bradley and Drummond takes them, which won’t be far!

Regular Season Preview: 31-51

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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