Los Angeles Lakers 2017-18 Season Preview

There hasn’t been a rookie since LeBron James to bring as much hype as that of Lonzo Ball.

Playing for the UCLA Bruins, Ball showed the whole just how lethal his court vision is. While he isn’t the best shooter (and he has a weird shooting release,) his ability to get the best out of his teammates with his passing is what made him a no-brainer at the number two pick in this years draft. Thanks to a lot of his fathers antics, Ball will have a bullseye on his back come day one and to see him play against the NBA elite will be something to behold. We saw how great he could be in the summer league as he became the first player ever to record consecutive triple-doubles, so the hype is justified when talking about Ball. He has a Jason Kidd-like style and he being 6’6, Ball has the potential to reek havoc against smaller guards.

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Los Angeles has some promising pieces when you look at the roster outside of Ball. Brandon Ingram had flashes late in the year last season to hint at how good he could be. His “Kevin Durant” like body frame makes him a challenge to guard and if he gets his shot on the right foot, he could be nearly unguardable.

Julius Randle was one of the teams most constant players a season ago. Is he the best offensive weapon? No. Is he the best defender? No. But he has the ability with more minutes and time in the NBA to turn himself into a Draymond Green-like player. Like Green, Randle won’t be LA’s best player, but possibly their most important.

And as quiet as it’s kept, LA could have the best rookie on the team, and it’s not Ball. Kyle Kuzma is head and shoulders been the best PLAYER on the Lakers the entire preseason. He’s a smart player, his outside shoot (which was a weakness in college) has been his strength, and his feel for the game has looked like a seasoned vet. Yes, it’s only preseason, but if Kuzma brings thing into the regular season, do not be surprised if he, not Ball, finds himself as a finalist for Rookie of the year.

The Lakers as young and inexperienced so do not expect much wins out of this squad this year. But looking down the line, Los Angeles has the pieces in place to have a bright future.

Regular Season Prediction: 25-57

PHOTO CREDIT: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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