New York Knicks 2017-18 Season Preview

There is secretly a fierce four team race for the worst team in the league between Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, and the Knicks.

After the season long Melo vs. front office saga, It was time for change in New York. Yes, Melo is still a solid scorer, but his relationship with the team was more toxic than acid. So with him (and Derrick Rose) departing from the team, it’s time to see if Kristaps Porzingis can really lead a team… Or whatever you call that collection of basketball players that put on the Knicks uniform.

After Porzingis, the shelves are near empty when looking at the Knicks talent. After sending Melo to OKC and Rose leaving to Cleveland, New York will have to rely on players like Courtney Lee, Willy Hernangomez, and newly acquired Enes Kanter to get the job done. This team is full of “ok” one dimensional players and not one player who can create their own shot outside of the Porzingis. Do not be surprised is the Knicks set records as one of the worst offenses in NBA history this season.

One of the worst moves in the offseason a couple of years ago is when New York gave big man Joakim Noah a 4 year, 72 million dollar contract. At the time, that was seen as one of, if not the worst contract in NBA history. The Knicks did not top that contract this offseason, but they came mighty close!

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Remember when Tim Hardaway Jr. played for New York? He was a solid shooter but not a player who could constantly put the ball on the ground and go get you a bucket. Then remember when the Knicks shipped him the Atlanta to clear space for Rose, just to watch Rose leave a year later? Hardaway had a good season with the Hawks, but he did not get drastically better than he was with the Knicks originally. Which is why it is STILL crazy and head scratching that New York really gave this man 4 year, 71 million dollar contract. What is even more crazy is the Knicks didn’t have to give him that much money! His stock was not high enough to draw any other team in free agency and Hardaway sucked every penny he could out of the former team that dealt him the first time. So for record, New York now has two players on their team with 70+ million dollar contracts, and both of them are role players.

Porzingis has already come out saying he did not want to play at the five, which he would thrive at. They don’t have any reliable scorers. And because of a couple of bad contracts (cough cough look up), they don’t have enough space nor attractive pieces to draw free agents or trades.

Oh and New York also passed on players like Dennis Smith Jr, and Malik Monk for a player in Frank Ntilikina, who isn’t a know scorer nor a constant guard. So there’s that.

New York will be bad. The question is not how bad, but how long.

And if you really want a microcosm of what’s in store for New York, just look at newly acquired Michael Beasley statement about skills compared to other players in the NBA:

“As far as talent-wise, I match up with Kevin [Durant], LeBron [James], I match up with the best guys in the world.”

Regular Season Prediction: 21-61

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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