Phoenix Suns 2017-18 Season Preivew

If you go back and look at season preview from last year ( Here ) not much as changed for Phoenix.

For a team open about tanking, they sure have a hard time going about it.

For starters, Why is Eric Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler still on the team? It has been a few years now since reports came out stating the Suns were looking to trade both men. Bledsoe is arguably one of the most underrated guards in all of basketball and Chandler is still a solid rebounder and rim protector. Trading both of them should not be THIS hard for Phoenix!!! Right?

Phoenix still have way (WAY) too many guards and outside of Bledsoe, none of them play defense. With Josh Jackson getting drafted from Kansas, he will bring a defensive presence to the wing position. There are still questions if he could be a reliable scorer on a nightly bases, but playing alongside Devin Booker should mask any shooting deficiencies Jackson might have. But outside of Jackson, Phoenix runs thins with wings (which trading Bledsoe or Tyson could help with.)

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Look to see Booker make that leap into a more complete player this year. While he can score with the best of them (dropping a NBA high 70 points last season,) his defense is lackluster to put in lightly. He has already been on record saying he has worked on the defensive side of the ball this offseason, so look for Booker to make much needed improvements.

With players like Booker, Jackson, and Marquese Chriss on the roster, the Suns have some promising pieces, but until they finally commit to tanking, they will be “stuck in the mud.”

Phoenix will still be bad this year. They are a team full of one-dimensional players and not a lot of direction.

Oh and remember when they drafted Dragan Bender a season ago with the fourth overall pick? Let’s just say if he does not improve drastically this season (or stay healthy enough to even stay on the court,) look for him to enter into the ” NBA busts” discussion.

Regular Season Prediction: 29-53

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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