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Ruffin-Pratt on starting new journey with the Sparks

The Washington Mystics have retained two of their players to this point in free agency, earlier this week saw one of their now former players find a new home. Tierra Ruffin-Pratt signed with the Los Angeles Sparks, she spent six seasons here in D.C. with the Mystics.  The signing of Ruffin-Pratt gives the Sparks quite the defensive wing duo in… Read More
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Loyalty in Sports is Not Always a Two Way Street

If a player decides to leave a franchise, regardless of service time or method of leaving (request a trade or free agency), they are often times labeled as selfish, ungrateful and disloyal. If a franchise decides to cut ties with a player, despite service time or what that player has contributed over the course of the relationship, it is viewed… Read More