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Who’s Shanahan’s Man??

So the Redskins are coming into this season with a very talented collection of running backs. On the list there’s Clinton Portis(29), Larry Johnson(30), and “Fast” Willie Parker(29). The Redskins have already addressed their offensive line, for like the first time ever the man that starts at tailback will actually get a chance to recieve the handoff without having to... Read More

Where is T.O going to Land…

Training Camps are almost here, teams are aware of what they have and what they need. That being said, who is going to get over their pride and their personal beliefs and think objectively? There are many teams in the NFL that have gaping…GAPING holes in their Reciving Corps. Which team is going to look at this in a football... Read More

In Case you Missed It…

This is the time of year most people ignore, the time of the year between the middle of the baseball season and NFL Training Camp. I on the otherhand, love this time of year it’s NBA Summer League!! It’s the rookies first crack at the NBA Game and it’s speed, you can actually learn a lot about player’s games in... Read More

MLB Update..

-All-Star Break is over, NL won the All-Star game for the first time in FOR-E-VER…-AL East Pecking order: -Yankees -Rays -Red Sox– AL Central: -White Sox -Tigers -Twins-AL West: -Rangers -Angels -A’s -NL East: -Braves -Mets -Phillies-NL Central: -Reds -Cardinals -Cubs-NL West -Padres -Rockies -Dodgers Now let’s wait and see how much those standings will have changed by the end... Read More

NFL Update…

-Clinton Portis is trying to remind everyone that he is “the guy” in Washington, Portis is supposedly down from the 230 pounds he played at last year to around 215– Giants experimenting with a nickel pacakge that has Osi, Tuck, and JPP in at the same time with JPP in at defensive tackle….– Brett Farve’s return??-Tom Brady’s new contract??-Will their... Read More

NBA News Update…

-Penny Hardaway would like to un-retire to play for…..you guessed it the Miami Heat??-Orlando Magic match the offer sheet to retain JJ Reddick-Houston Rockets matched the offer sheet to retain Kyle Lowry-Houston Rockets re-sign Luis Scola-Utah Jazz aquire Al Jefferson in trade with Timberwolves-Phoenix aquires Josh Childress-Phoenix aquires Hedo Turkolug in trade with Raptors-Toronto aquires Leandro Barbosa and Dwayne Jones... Read More

Big Brother…

I am now even more a believer that the Heat are going to contend for an NBA Title for the next 5 years or so(please remember the word I used..CONTEND). As I said before about this whole LeBron James thing, he reminds me soo much of Alex Rodriguez. In fact I am starting to believe they were seperated at birth... Read More

3 of a Kind..

Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and John Wall….the only thing these guys have in common is that they were all coached by John Calapari. I as most others were among the school of thought stating that John Wall is a low budget Derrick Rose and not that good and he was overhyped, I am officially retracting that statement. After watching his... Read More
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