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College Football Fans

To all those who are big College Football fans who are followers of the blog…. I will address College Football after the conclusion of that week. This week it’s going to be Tuesday only because of Monday Night’s game, for the remainder of the season I should be able to get something up by Sunday or Monday of that playing… Read More

Why Floyd??

Dear Mr. Mayweather, Just want to start off by saying I’m on of the biggest Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans in the world……HOWEVER….I heard about his little rant that was posted on the internet, and than I watched it. I understand if that’s how you feel and expressing yourself, but keep that between you and your boys. Most of the world… Read More

Still Holding Out….

Preseason is officially over and the real thing is set to start on Thursday, will the Chargers and the Jets be starting their season with the 53 best players?? Probably not, because Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis don’t look like they are going to be there without new contracts being in place. The Chargers look like they have accepted that… Read More

USA Mens Soccer….SMH

It hurt so much to share this that I waited a day before starting this. Bob Bradley received a 4 year extension to be the coach of the USA Mens team. Just last week it was reported that the US Soccer Federation was in talks with Jurgen Klinsman, when I had read that I was ELATED!!! Now…just sad!! In 4… Read More

Team USA’s Big Scare…

So yesterday the US hung on to beat Brazil 70-68. I was relieved they won, but I sat there and watched the whole game and came away thinking that US is hurting themselves. Coach K, needs to remember that he’s not at Duke and that starting 5 can and SHOULD be tinkered with. The US starting 5 is not a… Read More

Fallen Phenom…

Dear Stephen Strasburg, thankyou for making this baseball season worth watching. As a Yankees fan I generally ignore the sport due to the length of the regular season, I ususally don’t start getting into baseball til the pennant races. You are the sole reason that I have been reading baseball articles and looking into up and coming prospects to see… Read More
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