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Free Agent Update!!

So after all the waiting, July 1st was extremely uneventful.Darko Milicic, Amir Johnson, Adam Morrison, and Channing Frye all got deals yesterday. The only 2 signings that I am going to honestly ACKNOWLEDGE are Drew Gooden to the Bucks and Rudy Gay staying with the Grizzlies. The Bucks signing of Gooden was a steal, you get an extremely productive veteran... Read More

Who’s The Favorite??

As teams are dropping like flies, we are starting to see who is REALLY in contention and who’s not. Argentina,Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Brazil are all still here. After today’s games we will know all the teams that moved on to the Quarterfinals, we have had some power house matchups and there are still some to come. Spain plays Portugal... Read More

Wimbledon Update!!

Due to MY excitement level for the NBA Draft, I have neglected a very very prestigious event…WIMBLEDON!! I would like to apologize to any tennis fans that are followers of this blog. It is currently the 3rd round of Wimbledon, the usual suspects are at it again with a couple new faces sprinkled in. Heading to the 4th round on... Read More

Sweet Revenge..

Ever go to play ball, ask who has next, told that you can run, just to get dropped in favor of someone else?? To make matters worse it’s always for someone who is just tall, doesn’t bring anything to the table but height?? When I mean nothing to the table, I mean to the point that the guy is so... Read More
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