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    Talent or Will

    Sidney Crosby,Magic Johnson,Wayne Gretsky,and Lebron James are all extremely talented athletes. So fundamentally sound in every aspect of their games, these players were able to do anything and everything in their perspective sports. They have and will go on to have great careers and post many lofty statistics. All of the players...

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    Who dat dea gon beat dem Saints??

    What a game!!!! The New Orleans Saints are the Super Bowl Champs!!! Did anyone other than myself for see this being the result? I originally thought the Jets were going to be the Saint’s opponents in the Super Bowl, but the Jets weren’t ready so the Colts were there instead. The game...

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    UCONN Women

    61 and counting, West Virginia was the latest victim of the Huskies win streak. The Mountaineers matched the Huskies level of play for a half before Connecticut turned it into a rout winning 80 to 47. Winning is nothing new to the Huskies, the current defending champs have hardly been challenged this...

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    Transition Year

    I am a die-hard UCONN Huskies basketball fan. The women are great as usual,perfect even. The men… just lost to Louisville last night. If this was last year or the year before I would be outraged none other than for the ways they have lost. After some deep thinking, I have come...

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    Trade Deadline

    As we are nearing the end of January I can’t contain my excitement. No not for spring but for all the possible deals that can alter the power in the NBA. The deals that can take pretenders to contenders and the mediocre to the obscure. This being the summer of “2010” makes...

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    Pro Bowl…Pre-Super Bowl Thoughts

    The Pro Bowl is this weekend and the Super Bowl is a week away. The Pro Bowl is THIS weekend, the Super Bowl is NEXT weekend. I understand that the baseball and basketball have in season all star games and it works for them. This is the FOOTBALL, why are they changing...

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    NBA Monday

    Why are the Cavs not as good as their record suggests? Am I the only one that feels that way….After watching them barely escape the Heat in Miami I wonder are they in store for another failed playoff run? The Heat, outside of D-Wade and sophmore Beasley have no one..how I ask...

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