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The Missing Piece in Orlando…

It’s not Vinsanity, Matt Barnes, Brandon Bass, White Chocolate, or even Ryan Anderson. The difference between this year’s Magic and last years is the addition of a healthy Jameer Nelson. Not the guy who came back at the end of the playoffs last year and played in the Finals on pure guts and guile but the former All-Star level point... Read More

With the 38th Pick in the 6th Round….

The Tennessee Titans select Myron Rolle, safety from Florida State University!!! Kudos to Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization for not letting this kid go undrafted and ending his misery. The NCAA says they want “well rounded people” that are not only good athletes but good students. So why does a Rhodes Scholar get drafted in the 6th Round?? When... Read More

Great Fits and Steals

The 5th round of the NFL draft is winding down, I’m still wide awake and parked in the same chair. I’m trying not to blog too much while watching this, but we all know that wasn’t going to happen!! There are a couple of picks that I think are great, and I mean GREAT fits for their perspective teams. Toby... Read More

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Every round that goes by, the Buccaneers get better and better talent. Its currently the 5th round, and the Bucs already have a “GREAT” draft class. They could stop now and go into training camp with what they got in 4 rounds and be excited for the future. Not only did they get one of the two monsters at defensive... Read More

Can’t Wait !!!!

I know its only the end of the 2nd and 3rd round but I already am anticipating the start of the NFL season!! I love how they back loaded the schedules, which means the last couple of weeks will be filled with division match ups instead of non-conference games. This way teams will not be as likely to rest their... Read More

Heck of a 1st Round!!

I can’t believe how good the first round of the draft went tonight, there weren’t even a handful of picks that were considered a “reach.” The only pick that I was surprised by was the Jaguars taking Tyson Alualu with the 10th pick only because I hadn’t heard of him prior to tonight, not in the combine or mock drafts... Read More

Ernie Sims the new Eagle!!

We are 3 days away from this year’s NFL draft,up to this point the offseason has been crazy!! This year’s run of trades has continued, Ernie Sims is now a Philadelphia Eagle. The Eagles made noise earlier this offseason for the trade of “Franchise” QB Donavan McNabb, through a couple other trades they accumalated a few picks to give them... Read More

This Past Weekend

This weekend was crazy in the sports world. The 1st round of NHL and NBA playoffs began and if you weren’t watching thats a shame!!! The only lower seed to win a game in the NBA was the Trail Blazers last night when they upset the Suns in Phoenix. In the NHL, many of the higher seeds lost the first... Read More
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