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Game 1 Thoughts….Celtics-Magic

The Celtics went into Orlando and achieved their goal of stealing a game from the Magic. The Celtics came out aggressive on defense and were down right stifiling. The Magic struggled for maybe 3, 3 and a half quarters of the game before mounting an impressive comeback and almost overtaking the Celtics. Many people say it’s the Celtics that are... Read More

Uconn Preview #2

Okay I promise this is the last one for a couple of days, its just that I keep looking at the top recruiting classes in the nation and my Huskies aren’t even being mentioned in the top 30. Like Calhoun never gets good players, just because they aren’t 1 and done guys doesn’t mean the recruiting class is bad. I’m... Read More

Uconn Preview

Look I know it’s a little early, and college basketball is still far, far,far,far, and I mean FAR away but I just felt like I had to share this with you all. Introducing Roscoe Smith, the next great Uconn wing, this is going to be his freshman year and I wanted to all warn you before you see him on... Read More

NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Now let’s shift from the LeBron talk and focus on the 2 teams left in the Eastern Conference. We have the defending Conference Champs the Orlando Magic taking on the ageless Boston Celtics. I am inclined to pick Orlando to win this series, yet I do not believe it will be a walk in the park. The Celtics are peaking... Read More

The End for the King??

The Cavaliers became one of the first teams to ever win 60 plus games in back to back years and not win a championship. Last nights debocle in Boston was a major suprise for many of the Cavalier and LeBron backers. I on the other hand was not as suprised and I was actually sad that the Cavs went out... Read More

NHL Playoff Update!!!

If you haven’t been watching (CAPS FANS), the NHL Playoffs are getting very very interesting. Remember that gritty team that wasn’t supposed to have a chance against the superior talented Penguins?? Well the Habs are back at it, the Canadiens have come back to tie the series against the Pens at 2 games a piece. They waited until the Caps... Read More

Heees Baaack!!!

There’s a lot of big stories this year in baseball, every day someone does something even more amazing than a player or team did the day before. I mean we have the Nationals with a winning record, the Rays possibly the best team in baseball, Andre Eithier possibly becoming an all time great clutch hitter, Jason Heyward doing things rookies... Read More


What does Floyd Mayweather have to do for everyone to stop hating?? He PUNISHED Mosley last night, it wasn’t even close!!! He did to Mosley what he does to everyone, make them look terrible!! Once again Floyd proved his skills are unmatched, he even took one hell of a right hand from Mosley and stayed on his feet. Everyone is... Read More
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