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The WNBA deserves no credit for rescinding team fines

Sometimes in our great nation, silence is a huge problem. We have glaring issues that need to be dealt with and communication barriers continue to block our pathways to solutions. Things like racism, domestic violence, classism and education discrepancy are all on the list. So when WNBA players around the league take a stand and address a social issue, it… Read More

Dwyane Wade commits to signing with Chicago Bulls

Loyalty in business means nothing, and if you didn’t believe it before you will after this next sentence. Three time NBA champion Dwyane Wade has agreed to a two year, $47.5 million deal with the Chicago Bulls. After being offered a two year, $40 million from the Miami Heat once they were out of the running for Kevin Durant, the… Read More
NBA Wizards 

Wizards play offseason aggressor for the first time in years

The Wizards of yesteryear are gone. Garrett Temple, Jared Dudley, Nene, Alan Anderson and Ramon Sessions are all out. But in their place comes Andrew Nicholson, Tomas Satoransky, Ian Mahinmi, Jason Smith and Trey Burke. No, that’s not a murderers row of talent by any standpoint, but it’ll do. For Washington, this was supposed to be the summer of Durant.… Read More

History is the real Western Conference Finals winner

There’s nothing in the world like a game 7. All of the sports cliches come along with it. Win or go home. Leave it all on the floor. Every single drop of Golden State Warrior and Oklahoma City Thunder sweat, every drip of blood, every tear ever shed culminated to this game where only one team could advance and face… Read More

Galleries: Mystics fall to Dallas Wings 87-77

Injuries and youthfulness have been a gift and a curse for the Mystics early on in this season. With lead guard Ivory Latta on the sideline, the Mystics have had to look elsewhere for offensive production. Now, youngsters like Bria Hartley, Tayler Hill,  Emma Meesseman, Stephanie Dolson and Natasha Cloud have to step up and win games for the team.… Read More

Decisions, decisions: Golden State Warriors vs. Kobe’s Finale

In a few hours, sports fans will have a huge decision to make. In two different arenas, history will be made. In Oracle Arena, one chapter could be added to a tome capturing the Golden State Warriors’ march through history on their way to becoming the greatest team of all time. Just a few hundred miles away in the Staples Center… Read More

Klay Thompson’s reworked offensive game

Klay Thompson is one of the best shooting guards in the league and he’s only 24 years old. He has one of the best three point shots in the league and is one of the better defenders at his position. That is why when the Minnesota Timberwolves were gauging the Warriors’ interest in acquiring the superstar forward, they insisted Klay… Read More

Russell Westbrook’s injury and why teams should capitalize on success when they have it

The NBA can be known as a make-or-miss league at times. That means, in some games, some shots fall and some don’t. Sometimes you get the short end of the stick because of a tough bucket and sometimes you get the tough bucket yourself. The league is wildly unpredictable from game to game, even though by the end of the… Read More

Chris Bosh is very clearly the man in Miami now

Everyone wanted to know how the Miami Heat would fill the gaping hole left by LeBron James when he took his talents from his rented South Beach condo and headed back to Cleveland. He is, by most accounts, the best player in the league and should be in everyone’s top two at this point. There is no simple way to… Read More

What did we Learn? 10 thoughts from the NBA’s Opening Night

The NBA season is back in action and can be difficult to keep up with. The waiting, suffering and tests of patience are finally over with. There is no more dealing with the grueling, slow, yet, knee-jerk pace of the NFL season. No more dealing with narratives week to week about which quarterback throws the most accurate passes or discussions… Read More
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