Redemption Story: From a troubled past to indispensable player

After Lance Stephenson infamously mocked LeBron James with a choking gesture in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the king responded by not really responding at all. “Lance Stephenson? You want a quote about Lance Stephenson? I’m not even going to give him the time. Knock it off.” The whole situation could be summed as the best player in his... Read More

Grizzlies Deal Gay

Trade rumors have been swirling for more than a year, today it finally came into fruition. The Grizzlies have been trying to avoid the luxury tax, that wouldn’t have been possible with several of the contracts given to their core players. Specifically the front court, that is where the strength of the team lies. Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay make roughly... Read More

Assessing the Grizzlies-Cavaliers trade

First reported by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a multi-player trade. In the deal, the Grizzlies send fifth-year forward Marresse Speights, fourth-year shooting guard Wayne Ellington, second-year combo guard Josh Selby, and a furture first-round pick to the Cavs in exchange for second-year forward Jon Leuer. The Grizzlies had been rumored to be fielding calls for potential... Read More

Rookie-Sophomore Game “Draft”

We had a Great Show this morning, Mike Sykes and I(Wilson) discussed several topics in the NBA World. Amongst those, was this year’s All Star Team Starters and who should be the reserves. That led to an impromptu Draft between us for the Rookie/Sophomore game, we honored the new format which is two teams mixed with both Rooks and Second... Read More

Phil Pressey and the limits of NBA prospects

Every college basketball season showcases elite prospects who are widely considered to be drafted in the lottery and expected to excel upon entry into the league. These players generally exhibit some physical traits that are unmatched (e.g. Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, John Wall, and Anthony Davis) or have potential to develop into a solid professional player even if their college... Read More

Can The New York Knicks Defy History

Early on, the talk in New York geared towards the Brooklyn Nets and their new arena, showered with chants of “Brook-lyn, Brook-lyn, Brook-lyn.” As always, however, the New York Knicks have grabbed the headlines and national spotlight. This time it is not Melo-Drama or anything of the sort, but instead  the Knicks are surprising fans with their 17  and 5 record (1st in the... Read More
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