The Top 4 Possible Mentors for DeMarcus Cousins

The most effective scouting report on DeMarcus Cousins is not always double teaming him on the block or forcing him to shoot the ball from mid-range , where his shooting percentage is a meager 25%. On some nights, the opposing team’s best strategy against the man they call “Boogie Cuz” is to put him in a position where his emotions... Read More

Where Is Joe Johnson Missing From?

While playing seven seasons for the Atlanta Hawks, Joe Johnson became known as “Iso-Joe”. Johnson received that nickname because of his tendency to stagnate the offense by taking on his defender one-on-one in an attempt to score. At times, he looked like an elite scorer, but when his isolation efforts failed, it bogged down the offensive flow, which was best suited for an athletic style of play. The... Read More

Can the Sixers Overcome Their Offensive Struggles?

For the past six seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers have been a constant fixture in the playoffs, only missing the post-season once—in the 2009-10 campaign. That season the team’s struggles were largely due to the inability to adjust to the experimentation with Eddie Jordan’s Princeton Offense, which yielded a 27-55 record. Even though the Sixers got to the playoffs, they were... Read More

Biweekly Player Power Rankings 11/20/12

Welcome to the second iteration of the NBA’s player power rankings. Now that we’re two weeks into the season, things are starting to smooth themselves out. We’re finding out who’s really going to produce and who was just a flash in the pan. Though that transition isn’t complete yet, we’re moving along rather quickly. Make sure you keep pace!  Moving... Read More

Did the Pacers Make a Mistake Letting Go of Darren Collison?

The Pacer organization has officially announced that Danny Granger will be out for three months in response to “an injection to treat left patellar tendinosis.” This news casts a cloud over the bright hopes of the Indiana Pacers, who were aiming to build upon their near Eastern Conference Semi-Finals victory over the Miami Heat. The kind of injury is also... Read More

The Heart of Kemba and Michael

Outside of diastolic and systolic blood pressure, beats per minute, and electric activity, there is very little that is measurable within the heart. At times the definition of heart will meander from its strict anatomical meaning. A classic example is found in sports lingo, where the mention of heart often evokes spiritual thoughts of courage, bravery, and irrepressible will. This... Read More
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