• A Great Defender

    Yesterday at my friend’s house, I witnessed probably one of the greatest interceptions I have ever seen. In a game between Michigan and Michigan State, the quarterback for the Spartans was rolling out of the pocket avoiding pressure and just threw the ball out of bounds. But what happened after he threw the ball

  • Vince Young’s Career: Boom or Bust?

    Fourth and five on the Trojans 10 yard line with 25 seconds left on the clock in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.  Vince Young made the greatest play of his life, and probably one of the best plays in college football history.  Young ran into the corner of the end


    In the midst of the media frenzy during Super Bowl XLIII, one thing—and one thing only—resonated with me. It was neither the vaunted defense of the Pittsburg Steelers nor was it the amazing, surreal postseason journey of the Arizona Cardinals. What struck me was the emotional story of Larry Fitzgerald and the

  • Jets Offense is Going to Struggle This Year

    Pre season game two last week against the super bowl champion New York Giants, Mark Sanchez threw a pick in the red zone.  Rookie Jayron Hosley picked it off for a touchdown of 77 yards.  The Jets eventually lost that game 26-3.  I think this will be a constant offensive struggle for the Jets to

  • Ravens Defense Inferior to Their Offense?

    Since the Baltimore Ravens drafted Ray Lewis in the 1993 NFL Draft; out of Miami University, Baltimore has always been known as a defensive team. Now, with offensive players like Joe Flacco and Ray Rice on the team, the Ravens are starting to get known around the league as an offensive team.

  • Shawne Merriman released today by the Bills, end of his career?

    Once thought of the as the next coming of Lawarence Taylor, off-the-roids Shawne Merriman was released today by the Buffalo Bills.  With the signings of two top defensive line free agents in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, Merriman became expendable to the team.  Williams who was the most sought out free agent

  • The Next Dan Marino??

    Today the Dolphins announced who their starting qb for the 2012 season will be… If you guessed Ryan Tannehill you were right.  Dolphins selected Tannehill with the eighth pick in the first round out of Texas A&M.  I couldn’t believe this crazy fact that the Dolphins haven’t picked in a qb in

  • T.O. Lands in Seattle

    Get your popcorn ready, look whos back in the NFL … Terrell Owens.  The diva receiver is back in the game that never really wanted him to return by signing a one-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks. T. O. hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010, when he was catching balls with

  • Ryan Matthews…A Bust??

    Draft bust in the NFL has been a common theme with top draft picks that were highly touted coming into the league, because they never just seemed to get used to the strength and speed of the NFL. I feel like the next up to be labeled a bust by the NFL

  • Is Matt Ryan Better Than Phillip Rivers??

    According to a recent blog on ESPN by Pat Yasinkas, he shard his thoughts about how this question can be answered.  He said in his top 10 qb list that he believed that Matt Ryan is higher than Rivers. Ryan was the 9th ranked qb and Rivers was 10…   Are u

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