• Three of A Kind

    The NFL Season is officially HERE!!! The Hall of Fame game (the 1st PreSeason Game) was played last night, Week 1 of the Regular Season doesn’t seem nearly as far away as it did in July. There are many headlines going into this season, many of them warranted, and several that are

  • Why I Hate the NFL

    Well, hate is a really strong word here. I couldn’t really think of anything that was more of an attention grabber, though. So while I’ve got you here, I’d like to go over why the NFL is a dreadful business on the player side of it. Earlier today, I read that Johnathan

  • Why Can’t NFL RB’s Get Paid?

    In today’s NFL, the running game is just not as important as the passing game anymore. It has become a passing league over the past few years, and every team seems to be adapting to that change. So when you have an elite running back that shines out, the decision to pay

  • Much To Do About NOTHING

    Surely by now, everyone has heard about the “Dig” made by 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith regarding Panthers Phenom Quaterback Cam Newton. It’s been talked about by many media outlets, none really taking the time to decipher the actual statements made. “This is the honest truth: I could absolutely care less on yards

  • New Look Bears From Head to Toe…..

    As a Chicago Bears fan for a the last 11 years our offseason aquisitions and draft process has been nothing to really brag about. Jerry Angelo has been at the head of the table when it came down to evaluating talent in and entering the NFL, and his vision seemed kind of blurry to the

  • Different Degrees of Manning

    The New York ” Football” Giants are the newly crowned Super Bowl Champs, Eli Manning should be on top of the world! Instead the immediate question asked was if this second Super Bowl win makes him better than his brother. Followed up with this question; “Is Eli now a Hall of Fame

  • Enough Already

    This is Super Bowl Week, the big game is 48 hours away! The biggest names this week in the media are quaterbacks; as they usually are, both are top tier quarterbacks who put up Hall of Fame numbers. They are considered “Masters” of their craft, two of the finest to have ever

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