Celtics, Bruins are perfect examples of sports irony

In high school, my English teachers used to rant that students didn’t understand the element of irony. We were barred from highlighting it in our essays and the adults cringed when they heard us use it incorrectly. After following the 2014-15 Celtics and Bruins seasons, I now clearly understand an ironic turn of events. You almost have to laugh when… Read More

Garbutt Draws Ire of NHL Once Again

Dallas Stars forward Ryan Garbutt is becoming well-acquainted with Hockey Hall of Famer Brendan Shanahan, but not in the way he may have hoped. Shanahan, the NHL’s chief player disciplinarian, had to drop the hammer on Garbutt for the second time this season when he suspended the 29-year-old three games for two slew-footing incidents in last night’s game against Winnipeg.… Read More

Top Plays of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Another thrilling Stanley Cup Playoffs journey has come and gone. The Kings are the kings once again, winning what was arguably the most competitive five-game Finals series ever. This was another incredible postseason with some spectacular plays. What were the best of the best? Let’s count down the top five. 5. Pavel Datsyuk’s magnificent goal vs Boston. This was complete wizardry from one… Read More