P.I.T.S League 

Week 3 in Review

Only three days worth of games this week as the NBA Finals Game 7 was played on Thursday, never the less here are your standings after this wee as well as the single game high scorers!! East Standings 5-1: Rob’s Mob 3-2: Hot Spaucho 2-2: Rampage 1-2: Shooting Hoops 1-3: Team Gas Too High West Standings 2-1: Made Men 1-1:… Read More

Nightly Recap: June 10th

It is now the second week of the season and it started off with a bang! As always there are two games scheduled for the evening, here’s what happend last night. Game 1 Rob’s Mob vs J.T. All Stars This was a close game from start to finish, both teams came into this game undefeated with two wins a piece.… Read More
P.I.T.S League 

Week 1 Results

At the end of every week in this year’s P.I.T.S League Season, we’ll look back at the results: Team Records, High Scorers, Video Highlights. So let’s take a look back at this week’s action! Records Rob’s Mob: 2-0 Team Crazywear 2-0 JT All Stars: 2-0 Hot Spaucho: 1-1 Team Gas Too High: 1-1 Suburban Coalition: 0-1 Shooting Hoops 0-1 Rampage:… Read More
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