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Union get much needed win over the Black-and-Red

The Philadelphia Union got a much needed win against DC United tonight at home in Chester, PA. The lone goal of the game was scored in the 92nd minute by Zach Pfeffer off a cross from Fabinho.  It snapped a four game losing streak for the Union and gave the Black-and-Red their first loss since the 2-0 loss to the… Read More

Messi is the People’s Champion

When the World Cup Final kicks off this  afternoon, two countries will begin a 90-minute (minimum) clash for soccer’s holy grail. The world’s eyes will be on one player, Lionel Messi. When the ball is at the feet of Argentina’s number 10, time seems to stand still. Everyone knows something incredible is going to happen, it’s just a matter of… Read More

Netherlands Draws Parallels to San Antonio Spurs

If any World Cup team could be compared to an NBA team, the Netherlands are definitely that team. Their 2014 World Cup run is drawing serious parallels to the San Antonio Spurs’ run to the NBA title. The teams’ rosters and stories make them extremely similar. First, both teams have veteran rosters full of guys who have been through all… Read More

“Bitegate” Casts Black Eye on World Cup

Last week, Luis Suarez was a hero after scoring both Uruguayan goals to defeat England, knocking the British out of the World Cup. He was lauded for his incredibly fast recovery from knee surgery and his comeback was one of the feel-good stories of the tournament at the time. How quickly things can change. Uruguay’s 1-0 win over Italy yesterday… Read More

Bradley is Key for U.S.

U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley is one of the most underrated players in the world. He’s an indispensable piece to the Americans’ puzzle due to his box-to-box (offensive and defensive) play, his speed and his agility. While his main responsibilities pertain to the defensive side of the field, he has the capabilities of scoring goals with his rocket shot… Read More

2014 World Cup: Group F Preview

The 2014 World Cup is just days away, that being the case it’s only right that we (MMOS) take a look at the impending action. We’re going to go through each group, providing some information on each and every team. Argentina – There’s not much to say about this bunch, other than Argentina is insanely talented. They ended their qualifying run… Read More
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