If you’re an aspiring journalist or broadcaster in search of a home in which you can perfect your craft, this is the place for you. My Mind on Sports current team consists of just that, none of us are established. We all are trying to improve ourselves and our craft on our way to reaching our dreams and goals. We’re looking for self motivated individuals that want to improve and become well rounded players in this industry.

While this internship is not a paid opportunity, we do offer you a unique platform on which to share your talents. As My Mind on Sports continues to grow there will be other opportunities available (Radio&Television) for you to acquire and sharpen new talents. You would also be joining a team full of individuals pursuing similar dreams, we are a firm believer that iron sharpens iron. This isn’t all about My Mind on Sports, we care about each team member’s personal brand as well. While it’s important that My Mind on Sports progresses, it means far more that your brand grows during your time with us. Once your time with us ends, you’ll be issued a letter of recommendation and we’ll stay in touch throughout your career. We encourage our members to use our founder as a reference when applying for paid opportunities, we want to see you succeed!

Our site caters to both national and local audiences, several of our members do not live within the D.C. area. So your location doesn’t rule you out of an opportunity to join our team. If you’re in the area, it does give you an advantage with opportunities to cover any of the local teams we have credentials for. Eventually we’ll be able to branch out and cover teams in other parts of the country where team members reside. We’re setting the foundation for a viable sports media outlet, as we grow it only gives you a larger audience in which to share your talents with. Join us if you’re up for the challenge, sports journalism through the lens of objectivity!

There are several requirements: You must have a passion for sports and a drive to improve. With the current state of the industry, we’re asking for content to be produced daily. That may seem like much, but it’s what needs to be done to compete in the industry. That being said, school is a higher priority than MMOS, so keep in mind how much time you’d have to offer MMOS before reaching out to apply for the internship.

To Apply: Please send us a copy of your resume and a few samples of your work. That includes writing samples or any video work and radio clips you may have. We’d also appreciate if you’d be able to include a brief statement as to why you chose to enter the industry and what you wish to get out of it or accomplish long term. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Email: or call us at 703-261-9629

Twitter: @mymindonsports (this is also a great way to contact us)


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  1. Subir Nigam

    Are you hiring any contributing writers? Looks like Caps section is quite dry.

    1. Wilson Tarpeh Jr

      We are definitely looking for Caps contributors, if you’ve read everything in the internship section and are still interested, please email me ASAP and I’ll get back with you tonight.

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