College Football Top 4: Second Week

In a night where the state of the country was waiting on who will be our next President, college football fans watched to see the unveiling of the most recent rankings of teams and how the committee voted on who are the top 4 teams in the country. Doesn’t matter if you were voting Hillary or Donald, you know where... Read More

Crimson Tide Roll to another Championship

Last night was a fitting end to a wacky college football season.  In a bowl season where the supposedly “quality”  bowl games ended up being blowouts, the two best teams in the country gave the nation a game to remember in the National Championship. You didn’t know who would pull out the win.  The game was being hyped like the... Read More

Clemson or Alabama, who’s leaving a champion?

Since the College Football Playoff initial rankings first aired on November third, Clemson and Alabama seemed to be on a collision course to meet for the National Championship.  They’ve made it come to fruition through an inspired and unrelenting focus, moved by two different motivations. The Clemson Tigers are good, fast, quick striking and feeling quite disrespected.  The underdog card is the... Read More

My Top 4 Rankings for this week

It is possible that the Big 12 could be shutout of the Top 4 spots this season in the rankings, not because the conference doesn’t have a Championship game, but because the top teams beat up on each other.  Oklahoma has been the most consistent of the Top 4 teams in the Big 12 (Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State).... Read More

Georgia couldn’t handle the Tide

The 2008 season was the last time the Crimson Tide was allowed in Athens. The way the game started, with Alabama jumping out to a 31 point halftime lead gives you a clear indication on why Georgia fans may relish the chance to play a big game against a team like Alabama. However, was Saturday served as a reminder as... Read More

SEC Football Week 1 Preview

  All of us have waited. Some of us patiently, some impatiently. But, it’s finally here. College Football is back! And it comes back with a vengeance with lots of great games around the country. Around the SEC, the most hyped game is the SEC vs Big Ten showdown at Jerry’s World in Dallas. Alabama vs Wisconsin. It is the... Read More

Wisconsin vs Alabama: Game Preview

One of this weekend’s most anticipated collisions, and I don’t throw that term around loosely, personifies the saying “the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. ” Football purists will love this defensive slugfest pitting two smash mouth teams against each other. This will be the first time Wisconsin and Alabama have played since 1928, so there isn’t much recent history... Read More

2015 SEC West Football Preview

  We’re just a week away from the kickoff of college football around the country, and things may never have been as unsettled as they are right now around college football’s best conference. The SEC. There are at this late date still as many as five teams that have yet to decide on who they’re starting quarterback will be. Of... Read More

2015 SEC Tournament Preview

  It’s conference tourney time around the country, and the drama that comes along with March Madness will be no higher anywhere else than it is in Nashville Tennessee – Site of the 2015 SEC Tournament. Not necessarily due to there being numerous teams with a shot to win the tournament, but almost solely due to one team and their... Read More

Jones, Elliott lead Buckeyes to Sugar Bowl Win

The Ohio State Buckeyes made a statement last night in the Sugar Bowl, similar to the statement Oregon made. The statement may have been, ‘this is why there’s a college playoff and may the best team win’ A statement no one could dispute this evening after Ohio State, the fourth seeded team in the inaugural college playoffs went on to... Read More
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