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Five bold American League predictions

The 2016 Major League Baseball is less than a week away. There were many happenings in the offseason where a bunch of money was spent on coveted free agents. Which free agent signings will prove to be the most valuable? Time will tell on that question, but until then, I will give you my five bold predictions for the American… Read More

Is it Always All About the Money?

Professional athletes get paid a tremendous amount of money to play a sport for a living, not a bad gig at all. The better the athlete is, the more money they will want to play. Some players stay their entire careers with one team, while others leave for greener pastures. There are instances where players leave their team for the… Read More
King's Court 

King’s Court

Welcome back to another edition of King’s Court right here on The sports week has once again flew past us and it did not leave without some interesting stories. Alex Rodriguez still isn’t suspended, but he likely will be. There have been a plethora of walk-off hits in the MLB since Sunday, 15 in total. NFL training camps are… Read More