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For Obvious Reasons, Josh Norman Can’t Let Up Now

“I can take it” were the words Josh Norman used to describe the strategy he has used since signing with Washington. Since being signed, Norman has made numerous headlines for being brutally honest. Even when comparing his time in Carolina to his experiences here to this point. He described the differences in organizations by saying “it’s like going from a… Read More

Titans pair former 1st round pass rushers

The Tennessee Titans decided to address a need of theirs today, their pass rush. The Titans finished the season tied at 16th with 39 sacks, in terms of total defense, they were near the bottom of the league. They are playing a 3-4 defense and while they had talent up front in Jurrell Casey and Sammie Hill, they needed more… Read More

Peer Pressure

In today’s NFL where passing is a premium, players that can pressure the Quarterback are needed more than ever. The impact they can have on a game is monumental, for a defense to be successful they need to be able to disrupt the passing game. The 2011 NFL Draft included four players who have excelled at just that, what’s more… Read More