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Washington must avoid being the cure for Arizona’s struggling offense

Washington is heading into the second game of their three-week road trip against the Arizona Cardinals, a team in which many expected to be battling with Seattle for the crown of the NFC West. Hasn’t quite worked out that way as they are 4-6-1 and struggling to keep pace with their division foes. Arizona has been struggling this year for… Read More

NFL Notebook: Week 4

A quarter of the 2016 NFL season is officially in the books. It seems like the series just started, yet here we are. This week a few things caught my eye, including a receiver who needs to quit his nonsense, a fumble that wasn’t and rookies leading the Cowboys among other things. Starting this week, I will be adding a… Read More

Larry Fitzgerald is a class act

The game of football is arguably the most violent sport one can play. The emotions of the game run high and players are focused on the task at hand. Over the course of a 60-minute game, there will be highs and lows, especially in a tightly contested game. These highs and lows are highlighted even more during the playoffs. One… Read More

Carson Palmer’s Health Will be Key to the Success of the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals will go as far as Carson Palmer’s knee will take them. It’s that’s simple. The Arizona defense is one of the top defensive units in the league and that will keep most games relatively close. Carson Palmer, if he can stay healthy, is a quarterback who can win those close games. The key issue will be if… Read More