Why Charles Barkley doesn’t speak on behalf of the black community

By Nathaniel Cooke of (Twitter: @MrUrbanSports) First of all, it’s an honor and privilege to be write a piece for this great platform known as My Mind On Sports. Thinking about my first entry on the site I pondered what to write about.  Going for a walk yesterday, I began to listen to a previous Bleacher Report podcast in which Turner Sports… Read More

Two Sides of the Coin: DeMarcus Cousins vs Charles Barkley

The All-Star game was the main attraction this past weekend. And the events captivated many like they never have before. New York was an excellent background to what all happened in the NBA’s annual mid-season celebration. But the beef between a former player and a current budding star has taken some of the sizzle out of the game unfortunately. This… Read More

Two Sides Of The Coin: The Best Of The Ringless

With Kevin Durant losing another chance at that elusive first title recently, there has been some murmurings pertaining to if he will ever win a title. So, Chuckie and Mike at My Mind On Sports were thinking about who were the greatest players to never win a title. There is obviously a huge list of people, but there are only… Read More

The Top 4 Possible Mentors for DeMarcus Cousins

The most effective scouting report on DeMarcus Cousins is not always double teaming him on the block or forcing him to shoot the ball from mid-range , where his shooting percentage is a meager 25%. On some nights, the opposing team’s best strategy against the man they call “Boogie Cuz” is to put him in a position where his emotions… Read More