P.I.T.S League 

Manny, Underrated outlasts First Class down the stretch

First Class and team Underrated were each missing two of there better players in R.J. and Lex. Making it a true small ball game, Manny was in the building and that was more than enough for Underrated. His stellar play led them to a quick 24-14 lead, he hit an incredible layup in traffic early on. He got some much… Read More

Bullock’s bunch takes down the Saints with good defense and balanced scoring

Coach Bullock told me after their first game of the season last week, that his team would only get better. They did exactly that in a 70-56 victory over Saints of the Bottle. First Class got great performances from R.J. (25 points) and Marquis(1o points), those two were able to lead their team to victory over a talented bunch in… Read More