Donald Sterling is just the Beginning

Yesterday afternoon was when Adam Silver truly started his tenure as the NBA commissioner. David Stern’s mark on the league will forever be remembered through the money generated through television deals and the cleanup of drug use throughout the league. Stern was seen as an authoritarian during his reign as the commish. He gave the players a dress code they… Read More

Polarizing Narratives Surround Wiggins

A few months ago, Andrew Wiggins was considered, in many circles, as the best pro prospect to appear on the national scene in quite some time. Whether or not he was a better high school player than Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose was missing the point.  The fact of the matter was that Wiggins was a generational talent blessed with… Read More
King's Court 

King’s Court

Welcome back once again to another edition of King’s Court. Another sports week has flew by us, but not without a ton going on. With everything going on with Aaron Hernandez, to the NBA Draft and all the rumors that surrounded it, you can tell right there how crazy this week has been. Court is in session. UCLA Baseball Adds… Read More

Conspiracy Theory: I Think Not!

The Charlotte Bobcats were the team that was favored to get the first pick in the NBA Draft Lottery. Their odds were at 25% . The Washington Wizards’ odds were at 19.9% chance of winning the draft. They were followed by the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Orleans Hornets, rounding out the top four teams that had better than a… Read More