Super Bowl 51 Preview

Another year, another Super bowl Tom Brady and the Patriots will be representing the AFC as division champs. New England has been the face of the NFL since both Brady and head coach Bill Belichick took helm of the team. Four championships later, and the Patriots have become the slandered of the NFL. While this is certainly not the best… Read More
NBA Wizards 

Eastern Conference Playoff Preview: Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards

The NBA playoffs are upon us and it’s time to take a look at these series. The Western conference has been the talk of the town, but the Eastern Conference playoffs should be very entertaining too. One of the better series that we’ll see in the East should be Chicago versus Washington. ┬áIn this we’ll see two of the top… Read More

Should we be worried about the Indiana Pacers?

Before the All-Star break, it was assumed that the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers would be meeting in the Eastern Conference Finals. We even discussed, on one of our Spreecast sessions, that the Pacers had one of the easier schedules in the league after the All-Star break. It seemed like they would be cruising to the number one seed… Read More

Is Kevin Durant the best Two-Way player in the NBA?

Forget the talk about the MVP because it’s essentially in the bag for the three time scoring champion. Kevin Durant will likely bring that home along with his fourth scoring title while leading the league in PER. Durant has been the headline of the NBA over the last two months or so. Durant has scored over 25 points in 18… Read More