NFL Notebook: Week 10

The first double-digit week has passed us by in the NFL season and what a week it was. For my money (which isn’t much) this week was the best week thus far in the 2016 season. There were a lot of high-quality games, with two great ones coming back-to-back to end Sunday. Now, on to what caught my eye in… Read More

Wild Card Weekend: Dallas vs Detroit

Dallas has been one of the NFL’s biggest surprises this year and has proved many people wrong. Detroit played week 17 with the NFC title on the line, ultimately falling to Green Bay. However, a playoff spot was already secured which sets up the Lions going toe-to-toe with the NFC East champion Cowboys. The Cowboys have won four in a… Read More

Dallas Rides Murray to Victory in Seattle

  The Dallas Cowboys are back, they got away from what made them special back in the 90’s when they were winning championships. Running. The. Football. That newfound desire to run the ball has the Cowboys sitting amongst the top teams in the league with a 5-1 record. Their latest victory being a 30-23 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, in… Read More
King's Court 

King’s Court

Welcome back to another edition of King’s Court right here on This week I will bid farewell to one of the all-time, great baseball players to ever step on a diamond. I will also bid farewell to another baseball player, who isn’t getting all the recognition. I will discuss the Dallas Cowboys hot start as well as the New… Read More

Sunday Night Showcase: Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III were looked at as a team that was going to be in rebuilding mode this year. Well, after the way they have played the last month and a half, they have positioned themselves to be the winner of the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys, meanwhile, are where many thought they would be: battling… Read More

Sunday Night Showcase: Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a pretty miserable season. They have lost their starting quarterback(Michael Vick), their starting tailback(LaSean McCoy) and after last week, it looked like they lost their pride. Well, Vick and McCoy are still out for this week with concussions, but the Eagles do play for their pride on Sunday night as they head to Dallas. The Cowboys are barely hanging on… Read More
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