Miller, Broncos prove that defense still wins championships

The phrase “defense wins championships” is one of the most colloquial phrases in sports.  Fans and sports analysts at times struggle with the validity of this phrase. However, the Denver Broncos’ defensive performance made the best case for this argument last night as they single handily carried the Broncos to victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The… Read More

Taking a look at the defenses of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is quickly approaching and a lot of attention has been paid to the two quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning for obvious reasons. Both quarterbacks will have their hands full as the two defenses are two of the top in the league. This game could very easily come down to one mistake by one of these defenses… Read More

Two Sides Of The Coin: The AFC Representative In The Super Bowl Will Be…..

It’s that time of year again, folks as football season is right around the corner. Training camps have opened and teams are preparing for the upcoming season. Questions from player statuses, competition races, team chemistry among many others will be asked before even the first regular season game kicks off. Another question that will be asked will be who will… Read More

Sunday Night Showcase: Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III were looked at as a team that was going to be in rebuilding mode this year. Well, after the way they have played the last month and a half, they have positioned themselves to be the winner of the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys, meanwhile, are where many thought they would be: battling… Read More