Capitals NHL 

The quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup kicks off tonight

The long grind that is the 82-game regular season schedule is now finished and one of the best playoffs year after year are set to begin tonight. For the first time ever, a Canadian-based team will not be competing for Lord Stanley’s Cup. On the flipside, all three California-based teams qualified for the playoffs. Can the Capitals overcome past playoff… Read More
NFL Thoughts of The Day 

America’s Team: Who Owns the Title?

Since 1978, when the team’s highlight film first gave them the moniker, the Dallas Cowboys have been known as “America’s Team.” This week, they were named the most valuable NFL franchise for the eighth consecutive year at $3.2 billion. They’ve been named the most popular team in football year after year by Harris Interactive’s poll. But are they still America’s… Read More
King's Court 

King’s Court: NHL Season Preview

Welcome to a special edition of King’s Court where I will break down what to look forward to this upcoming NHL season. Last year we saw the Chicago Blackhawks hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup in a lockout-shortened season. With a full season ahead, let’s take a look at what will happen. Court is now in session. 5 Key Questions 1. Can… Read More