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John Wall’s Success turns into the Indiana Pacers’ Sorrow

The Wizards were on the brink of elimination last night. They were on the ropes just hoping to fight for one more round. The talk throughout the town was about how the Pacers were on their come-up and how the Wizards reverted to the form that they were in before. They were the inconsistent, malfunctioning team that had no place… Read More
NBA Wizards 

Wizards collapse in Second half, Lose their Pace & the Game

John Wall and the Washington Wizards caught the attention on a national stage in the first round of the playoffs. They handled the second best defense in the league in the Chicago Bulls very well. They matched up perfectly with size and speed and were able to out them in only five games. But the Indiana Pacers have turned out… Read More
NBA Wizards 

Washington Wizards are sent Scrambling after Beatdown by Indiana Pacers

The Wizards are going to need to do some major regrouping after being trounced by the Indiana Pacers last night. There’s no way that they can employ the same strategy that they used throughout the first three games at this point. Things need to be done far differently than they were before if they want a chance to steal homecourt… Read More

Evan Turner: Excellent Acquisition Or Big Risk?

As the trade deadline approached, many teams were looking to improve themselves. Teams like the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Wizards acquired veteran talent to bolster their benches in an attempt to make the playoffs. But the Pacers were looking at an even bigger picture. Indiana traded there once-franchise Danny Granger to Philadelphia for the services of swingman Evan Turner. Immediately… Read More