Charlotte Hornets active leading up to tonight’s Draft

The Charlotte Hornets didn’t quite have the season they had hoped for last year, between injuries and bad investments things didn’t go well. There was nothing but hope and optimism after making the playoffs the year before. Rather than stay put and simply figure out what player to add in tonight’s draft with the ninth overall pick, Charlotte is very,… Read More

The Hunt For Carmelo Anthony Has Officially Started

This summer, one very pivotal NBA player will be making a huge career decision. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has been the identity of the New York Knicks ever since he was traded there in the middle of the 2010-2011 NBA season. But the homecoming for him there has been all but great. The Knicks have won only one playoff series… Read More

NBA Season Preview: Southeast Division

Defending champion Dwayne Wade injury prone history is the Miami Heats Achilles heel. When Lebron James and Chris Bosh helped form the big three, the goal was to create a dynasty. An older slower paced offense will struggle to compete in the Eastern Conference.  Miami’s lineup on paper is talented enough to win their division. John Wall has allowed the… Read More