Restoring Glory : How To Fix The Green Bay Packers

Just to clarify, this is not an attack on the Green Bay Packers. They are still one of the best organizations in the league and also possess one of the Top Three Quarterbacks in the NFL. They are consistently in the Playoffs, always in contention for a championship. The last two years however, they have looked simply over-matched physically in… Read More

Crazy NFL Week 3

If you wanted a perfect NFL weekend, how would you want it to be? Maybe a couple over time games? A hail marry pass as time expires?  An amazing Monday night football game?  Well week three gave us all of that and some. The headline of the weekend was from a controversial hail marry throw with no time being on… Read More

A Great Defender

Yesterday at my friend’s house, I witnessed probably one of the greatest interceptions I have ever seen. In a game between Michigan and Michigan State, the quarterback for the Spartans was rolling out of the pocket avoiding pressure and just threw the ball out of bounds. But what happened after he threw the ball out of bounds was a one handed pick by… Read More